Week of November 7, 2020

Hello families,
Thanks for another great week of learning! Remember to keep charging iPads each night and send kids with a water bottle, please. 
At school, students are guided through solving their own problems using Love and Logic. This is a valuable life skill to build confidence and create the opportunity for success in solving all kinds of problems. Click here for a quick summary of the steps.
In reading this week, we will use the story How Chipmunk Got His Stripes by Joseph Bruchac and James Bruchac to learn the skills below. We will be taking a deeper dive into summarizing, and students should be able to summarize a story into three to four sentences. This would be a great week to reinforce at home with questions about the characters in the books you read at night and asking wondering questions about why the author chose the words that they did. 
We will also work on synonyms. A fun at-home activity might be to try and think of as many synonyms as possible on short car rides!
Our spelling words this week will be base words with an -ed or -ing ending, included in the picture below. Students will be working on recognizing the base word and whether or not the word has to change to add an ending (ex: hope to hoping drops the "e" and adds "ing"). Keep up the good work with your daily practice at home!
In math, we continue to work on place value. We will be working especially hard to model different ways to show numbers and counting. The big idea is that 10 ones make one ten, 10 tens make one hundred, and 10 hundreds make 1,000. 
Students have been struggling with counting up and down by ones and tens in bigger numbers. Awesome at-home practice would be counting across tens and hundreds. For example: 488, 489, 490, 491 and back down, or 488, 498, 508, etc.
Upcoming Dates and Reminders:
  • Wednesdays - late start at 9:20
  • Nov. 7th - Daylight Savings Time ends, fall back 1 hr.
  • Nov. 22-26th - Thanksgiving Break
  • Lunch menu
Please stay in touch if there is anything else you need. Have a wonderful weekend!