by David Levithan Year Published: 2013 Young Adult Fiction
Everyday "A" wakes up as a new person.  The person could be male or female but is always the same age as A.  A is able to access that person's memories in order to move through the day as that person.  This is A's life.  A doesn't seem to mind only having one day relationships with people.  Until, of course, A meets Rhiannon. A wishes to stay with her but can't.
This book is thought provoking and poignant.  A lives the life of so many types of people. A wakes up as someone who is a drug addict, as someone whose brother is a drug dealer, as someone who has killed her brother in a car accident, as someone who has crippling depression and wants to commit suicide, as someone who is obese.  And when A is each of these people David Levithan is able to compassionately write about each of the characters in way that makes you feel like you truly understand those people.  
The big question of the book is A's gender.  Is A male or female? But the real question of the book is "does gender matter when you fall in love with a person? Shouldn't the person count not the gender?"  This is something Rhiannon and A struggle with as their relationship evolves. 
I really can't say that this book is for just one type of person or interest.  This is a book that everyone should read.