Buzz Kill

by Beth Fantasky Year Published: 2014 Young Adult Fiction
Millie Ostermyer lives with her father, attends high school, writes for the school newspaper, and has nostalgia for Nancy Drew books.  When she finds the hated Coach Killdare's murdered body, she channels Nancy Drew's detective skills to help clear the name of the number one suspect: her father.  However, Coach Killdare had a laundry list of people who might have motive to kill him including former a player and the head cheerleader.  Along the way, Millie begins to unveil another mystery that of the new student and star quarterback Chase.
 This book proves to be a fast and fun read.  Millie is a humorous first person narrator who can also delve into and deal with more serious issues like coping with the death of her mother and learning startling facts about those in her life while investigating the murder.  
If you enjoy realistic fiction and mystery mixed with a little romance then this is the book for you!