9/20/19 newsletter (2)

September Calendar 

19th - 27th – Fun Run PTA Fundraiser - Keep those pledges coming in!  Here are next week's events:

* 23rd - Monday y- Have your child wear a hot to school.

* 24th - Tuesday - Have your child come to school dressed like a cowboy or cowil.

* 25th - Wednesay - Have your child come to shool with crazy hair.

* 26th - Thursday - Have your child wear boots to shool

* 27th - Friday - The big event... our Fun Run.  You are ore than welcome to come watch your child during this event, which will be from 1:30-2:30.

24th - Tuesday - Field Trip - 1st Grade will be goingn to the Ag. Expo. at Meridian High School during the morning. If I have not yet received your child's permission slip form, a new one is enclosed in their Friday Folder. Please have this returned by Monday.  I am needing more parent volunteers!


October Calendar

3rd Picture Day – We will be having individual pictures taken ion this day.


Grading – As I mentioned during our Parent Meeting, how we are grading this year will be a little different and I’m still working on how to communicate this to you. When your child receives a 3 on their paper, this means that they have reached their 1st grade goal. A score of 2 means they are still working toward this. And a score of 1 is they are struggling with understanding the concept. Not all of my tests will test the complete goal as it might be a stepping. For example, enclosed in your child’s Friday Folder is a Social Studies test where everyone received a score of 2 as they could identify American symbols. However, the actual standard is knowing the significance of these symbols. We will continue working up to this.  I’ve also been thinking about spelling and our weekly tests are going to be a stepping stone to our quarter review. Only those grades that fully meet the standard will go into PowerPoint, yet their papers will continue to go home so you are kept in the loop. I’ll send home spelling next week.


Scholastic Book Order – Enclosed in your child’s Friday Folder is our first Scholastic News.  If you would like to place an order, you can write once check out to Scholastic or go on line to place your order:  https://orders.scholastic.com/NKKT8    Due by next Wednesday.


Language – This week we have been doing a lot of practice with building words with the /short i/, practicing our handwriting, our frequency words, and using capitalization and punctuation.  We also worked on possessives where we use an apostrophe when something belongs to someone [ie. The dog's bone.].
Math – We continue to work on number bonds and adding to sum of 10 or less.  
Social Studies - We have continued to learn about our American symbols and this week we focused on the flag.  Ask your child how many stars we have on the flag [50] and what they represent [each state].


Homework - Please plan on having your child spend about 10 minutes each night doing homework. Next week’s language focus will be the /short o/.
Enclosed in your child’s Friday Folder is also a Classroom Job Application. I will be assigning each student to be responsible for one thing throughout the year. Please have your child complete their application.
Tonight’s homework – Review papers with your child, having them practice their handwriting by tracing anything that I’ve written, make corrections, read things to you, and share what they are learning.
Monday night – Have your child practice this week's frequency words as well as any words that are circled on last week's frequency test (on back of spelling test) as well as kindergarten frequency words.  Our words for this week are:  do, find, funny, sing, no, they
Tuesday night – Have your child read the story Lil and Max.
Wednesday night - Have your child practice spelling /short o/ words such as:  pot, fox 
Thursday night - Have your child write a sentence(s) using a word(s) with this week's sound. Did they start their sentence with a capital letter and end with a punctuation mark?  Did they form their letters correctly? 


Lil and Max
by Alexis Davis
/short o/

 Lil got a big, big mop.

Can Lil and Max sit on top?

Can they do it?  No!

Max got a big, big pot.

Can Lil and Max hop on it?

Hip, hop.  Hip, hop, hop.

Lil and Max hop in it?

Lil and Max find a cot.

It is a big, big, BIG cot!

Lil can sit on top!

Max can sit on top, too!