9/27/19 newsletter (3)

October Calendar
2ndWalk to School – See flier enclosed in your child’s Friday Folder.
3rdPicture Day – We will be having individual pictures taken on this day. An order form went home last week in your child’s Friday Folder.

7thNo School – Teachers have collaboration on this day.
24th & 25thNo School - Parent-Teacher Conferences


Grading – I continue to learn more about our new grading system. I have been working on our assessment forms and trying to add information that communicates to you what I am testing. You will start seeing these forms come home next week, but during the meantime I thought you would like to see your child’s testing from the past two weeks.


Language - This week we worked on the /short o/ sound, our frequency words, verbs (action words), and apostrophes that shows something belongs to someone.
Math – We have worked on addition problems to sums of 10 and writing our numbers 0-20. We have been working on our Counting On strategy. Ask your child how many strategies we will be learning this year [three:  1) counting on, 2) doubles, 3) friendly 10].
Social Studies – We have continued to learn more about American Symbols.  Ask your child questions such as how many stars we have on the American flag [50], what do the stars represent [each state], what bird represents our country [Bald Eagle], and what does the Statue of Liberty stand for [freedom]. Our priority standard is that your child understand the significance of our American symbols.


Homework - I want to thank all of you that have been working on homework each night!  It should only take 10 minutes and it makes a huge difference, not only in your child's abilities but also their attitude toward school.  Your involvement tells your child that school is important, and they need to always try their best.
Friday night – Continue reviewing your child's papers and having them practice handwriting. Are they using their lines? Forming their letters correctly [top to bottom]? Also, have them make corrections and read things to you.
Monday night – Practice this week's frequency words:  all, does, here, me, my, who 
Tuesday night – This week’s sound will be the short /e/.  Have your child read Pals.
Wednesday night - Have your child spell words with the /short e/ sound (i.e. yet, web, pen, wet, leg, hen).
Thursday night – Have your child write a sentence(s) using a word(s) with /short e/ words. Are they remembering to capitalize the beginning of the sentence and putting a punctuation mark at the end?


by Aiden Brandt
/short e/

Len and his pals can hop!

Len led all his pals.

Lin has a pet dog.

Wags is a pal!

Wes let his pals in.

His pals can play in his den.

Can Mom be a pal?

Yes!  Mom and Ben get logs.

Six pals ran six laps.

Who led the pals?  Mel did!

Ted sat on a big log.

Ted sat with his pals.