10/4/19 newsletter (4)

October Calendar
7thNo School – Teachers have collaboration on this day.
24th & 25thNo School – We will be having Parent-Teacher conferences at this time.  Scheduling will be done differently this year. Next week more information will go home.


Learning with Lucky – Sparklight is sponsoring 1st grade at Ponderosa this year so we can participate in the Learning with Lucky program. This program is a reading incentive program where your child received a very soft cuddly stuffed puppy today. Their puppy will stay at school during the school year as they will be reading to it, but at the end of the year they will be able to take it home.  Since they all look alike, I am asking for your help.  Please decorate a shoe box with your child this weekend and have them bring this back to school on Tuesday as this will be their dog’s kennel.  If you have any extra shoe boxes, I would greatly appreciate them if you’re willing to donate them to our class.


Language - This week we worked on the /short e/ sound like in the words 'bed' or 'met.'  We continued to work on nouns (person, place, or thing), verbs (an action word such as run, sit, read), and I introduced adjectives (a word that describes something such as pink, tall, soft).
Math – We continued to work on numbers to 10.  This week we worked on fluency and took some timed tests (2 min.). Your child should have three tests in their folder. Compare them and see their growth.  If they are not completed, have them do this by following the Counting-On strategy. We talked about not setting down their pencil yet holding their pencil in one hand and the largest number in the other hand, using the fingers to Count-On.


Homework – Have your child bring in their shoebox (AKA – Lucky’s kennel).
Book It - Your child can earn a free personalized pan pizza from Pizza Hut.  This is not required homework, but is strongly suggested as research has shown how important 20 minutes of reading every day helps your child with reading.  The goal is 20+ minutes, 20+ times during the month, beyond their 10 minutes of homework.  Have your child keep track of the days they read 20+ minutes on the enclosed calendar in their Friday Folder, then turn it into me after October 31st.  Every month, I will send home a new calendar

Friday night - Spend 10 minutes reviewing papers with your child and have him/her fix any they need to work on. These 10 minutes makes a HUGE difference, which has shown in the handwriting! 

Monday night – No school today

Tuesday night - Have your child practice any frequency words they are still struggling with that have been on the back of their spelling tests as well as these new words:  friend, full, good, hold, many, pull

Wednesday night - Have your child read the story Fun in the Sun.

Thursday night - Have your child write a sentence(s) using a word(s) with the short u sound (i.e. sun, fun, run). Did they start their sentence with a capital letter and end with a punctuation mark?  Did they form their letters correctly?



Fun in the Sun
by Norman Swaderski
/short u/


Jen Pig is hot.

Can Jen hop in?  No!

Ed Hog is hot.

Can Ed hop in?  Yes!

Ed has fun, fun, fun!

Ed pulls his friend.

Tug, tug.  Hold on, Jen.

Can Jen hop in?  Yes!

Jen has fun, fun, fun!

Ed Hog hops up, up, up!

Jen Pig hops up, up, up!

Ed has fun in the sun.

Jen has fun in the sun, too!