10/14/19 newsletter (5)

I apologize that Friday Folders did not go home last week.  I was out sick Thursday and Friday so was unable to do this.


October Calendar
24th & 25thParent-Teacher Conferences – We will not be having school on these days due to Parent-Teacher conferences. We are using a new scheduling process this year and an e-mail was sent last Friday with a link for you to sign up. If you have not done this yet please do so by this Friday: https://signup.com/go/gURXJMm  


Language – Last week we worked on the /short u/ sound and reviewed adjectives (words that describe something).  The students are doing awesome at giving examples of nouns, verbs, and adjectives.  We also reviewed rhyming, worked on our reading skills, and our writing skills.

Math – This week we talked more in depth about what the equal sign means. What is one side must also be on the other side, thus equal or the same. We did problems such as 3 + 3 = 1 + 5 and 6 = 2 + 4. We also started working on story problems.

Social Studies – Last week we talked more about the importance of our American symbols and what they represent.  We also had the Meridian fire department come in and talk to us about fire safety.


Homework – This should take about 10 minutes each evening.
Book It – Is your child reading 20 minutes beyond their homework time, 5x per week?  Remember, they can earn a personalized pan pizza from Pizza Hut.  Have your child keep track of these days on their calendar that was previously sent home, then turn it into me after October 31st.  Every month, I will send home a new calendar.  


Monday night - Practice the frequency words: away, call, come, every, hear, said as well as any words your child previously struggled with on the back of previous spelling tests. 

Tuesday night – Have your child read the story Ann Packs.

Wednesday night – Have your child spell words with the /short a/ sound.  Include some words with /ck/ (ie. back, pack, sack)

Thursday night - Have your child practice writing a sentence(s) with word(s) that have a /short a/ and /ck/.


Ann Packs
by Ellen Catala
/short a/


“I miss Ann.  I can call Ann.

Ann can come here,” said Nan.

“Yes,” said Ann.  “I will come.

I will be quick, Nan.”

Quick, quick, quick!

Ann will pack a big red bag.

Ann will pack ten hats.

Ann will pack ten socks.

Pack, pack, pack, pack.

Ann will pack six ducks.

Ann will pack ten dolls.

Pack, pack, pack, pack.

Ann has hats and socks.

Ann has ducks and dolls.

Ann has ten big hugs for Nan.