10/18/19 newsletter (6)

October Calendar


23rdBook Order – If you would like to place a book order, please do so by this day.

24th & 25thParent-Teacher Conferences – We will not be having school on these days due to Parent-Teacher conferences. Enclosed in your child’s Friday Folder is a conference form for you to fill out and return. Please remember that our conference will only be 20 minutes. If you have not scheduled your conference time yet, please do so at https://signup.com/go/gURXJMm  

31st – Harvest Party - We will be having 3 classroom parties this year and the first one is soon approaching. If you are able to help with this party, please complete the enclosed form and return to me as soon as possible.  I will then pass this along to our room parent, who will then get in contact with you to make arrangements.   Please do not bring in extra food for the party, unless it’s been approved through my room parent.  We still need to follow our food policy.  Thank you for understanding!


Language - This week we worked on the short /a/ sound with /ck/ such as in tack and pack.  We also worked on identifying a sentence; a group of words that begin with a capital, have spaces between words, has a punctuation mark at the end, and it makes sense, as well as it has a noun and a verb. 

Math – We continue to work with story problems and addition/subtraction problems.

Social Studies/Science – Monday was Columbus Day, so we learned a little about him such as he was an explorer and sailed to the United States with three ships.   


Homework – Continue to work with your child for about 10 minutes each night. Also, if they are earning their personal sized pan pizza coupon, have them read an additional 20 minutes and record this on their calendar. 

Friday night – Discuss papers with your child from their Friday Folder.  Have them practice reading things to you that are on their worksheets and correct any mistakes.

Monday night - Have your child practice this week's frequency words: animals, how, make, of, some, why.

Tuesday night – Have your child read the story Brad and Cris.

Wednesday night – Have your child practice spelling words with the /short i/ sound and blends with r (tr, dr, gr) such as in the words trick, grin, drink.

Thursday night – Have your child write a sentence(s) using a /short i/ word with a /tr/, /dr/, or /gr/ blend. 



Brad and Cris
By Teresa Bashin
/short i/

Brad Frog is red.  Brad has tan

dots.  Brad is red and tan.

Brad has a pal.  His pal is Cris.

Cris Frog is tan.  Cris has no

dots.  Cris is tan and red.

“We will go on a trip, Cris,”

Brad said.  “It will be fun.”

Brad did not tell Cris why.

Brad led Cris.  Brad and Cris

hop on pads.  Hop, hop!  Hop,

hop, hop!

“Can we get some bugs and

grubs?” said Cris.

“Not yet,” said Brad.  “Not yet.”

“Look, Brad!” Cris said.  “Bugs,

Bugs, bugs!  Grubs, grubs, grubs!