(2016/2017) Year 1- Early Implemenation of Mastery Learning in West Ada's Academy High Schools

  Year 1- Early Implementation of Mastery Learning in a Blended-Learning Model

West Ada School District, Idaho

By. Eian Harm, Dustin Barrett, Amber Brown,

James Buschine, Donell Mcneal, Nichole Velasquez

WASD’s academy high schools started the 2016-2017 as full “flex model” blended learning schools.  This meant that students had flexible schedules, open “flex” time where they could choose what to work on and where, and mentor periods where students would have to check in with an adult to monitor progress and help set schedules.  Directly following orientation days at the beginning of the school year the model was implemented and both challenges and positives arose.   A major challenge was in how to motivate students to attend class, how teachers would organize lessons for students at a variety of places within the content, and how to motivate students to progress through course material in a timely fashion.  Being patient and understanding that the cultural shift necessary to increase students’ ownership of learning would take time, teachers and school leaders did not immediately change direction, but rather began working diligently to find mentoring methodology for discussion, goal setting, and career and college counseling.  This demonstrates the “shift” defined by WASD’s Career and College Success Model toward the aspects of student "mindset".

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