(2012/2013) Configuring the 21st Century Classroom


By. Dr. Eian Harm, Bernadette Sexton, M.Ed., & Tammy Neptune, M.Ed. 

Configuring the 21st Century Classroom is a project that the West Ada School District has undertaken as a part of its participation within the League of Innovative Schools. The “League” is an initiative of the Digital Promise--a bipartisan non-profit corporation authorized by Congress. The aim of Digital Promise is to support research and development intended to harness the capacity of digital technologies to improve learning and education.  As part of our membership in this prestigious group, West Ada School District was challenged with redesigning five classrooms in a cross-section of its schools (i.e. oldest to newest buildings; Title I schools and non Title schools; lower to highest performing schools; primary and intermediate grade levels). The purpose of this project is to create innovative models of 21st Century Classrooms and to enable the district and its university partners to evaluate their impact on student learning.