(2013/2014) Configuring the 21st Century Classroom Year 2- Student, Parent, and Teacher

 By. Eian Harm, Ed.D., Bernadette Sexton, M.Ed., Tammy Neptune, M.Ed.
As a continuation of the Configuring the 21st Century Classrooms project that 
West Ada School District (WA) undertook during the 2012/2013 school year, 
this analysis sought, not only to look at influences on students due to technology, but also if 
those influences impact the teacher as well as the parents.  This is in an attempt to 
determine the effectiveness of classroom technology- what types of uses motivate and 
engage students to higher levels of learning, what types of technology enable parents to 
become involved in a student’s learning to a greater degree, and finally, what types of 
technology make the already difficult job of teaching easier and more productive.  By 
answering these questions, it becomes possible to create technology-rich learning 
environments that are beneficial to all parties involved- student, parent, and teacher.  This 
will ensure that our students are learning to high levels using 21st Century tools to acquire 
21st Century skills.  Since the ultimate goal of WA as well as any school district is to develop 
students who are career and college ready- we must determine how to best implement the 
tools and practices that will be used to do so.  This study attempts to establish this.