(2013/2014) Career and College Readiness- Middle School Key Academic Behaviors Survey Pilot Study

  By.  Eian Harm, Ed.D., Lisa Austin, Ed.S., & Kevin Thienes, M.Ed. 
With today’s emphasis on ensuring that our students are career and college ready, West Ada School District (WA) is developing a Career and College Readiness (CCR) model that spans the K-12 grade levels.  The aim of this model is to create a scaffolding to align actions toward career and college readiness from Kindergarten through 12th grade.  This alignment is an effort to systematically develop students who are well-prepared throughout all grade levels.  The second aim of this model is to develop a measurement system in order to identify areas of need and to gauge progress toward meeting those needs.  This project is aligned to work being done by the Idaho State Department of Education and the Treasure Valley Education Partnership (TVEP) in order for WA align with not only schools within the district, but also schools across the Treasure Valley.