(2014/2015) Making the Digital Transition- Online Techbook Professional Development

Making the transition to a digitally-rich environment: A study of professional development for the
online techbook

West Ada School District
By. Eian Harm, Ed.D and Lori Gash, M.Ed
June 2015


West Ada School District has been actively working to identify professional development (PD) model(s) which truly change instructional practice. To accomplish this, WASD has sought to acquire data throughout the digital transformation from both students, teachers, and parents alike. Through these methods it becomes possible to measure outcomes from the “end users” of the product (student and parents), as well as the teacher to see if practice is truly changing and the digital tools are effective. Results from our study this year indicate that teachers found the current PD model to be highly effective in helping them gain confidence in using aspects of the Discovery Education techbook within their classrooms.