West Ada School District Plant Facilities Levy - All in for kids

During the February 27, 2023 Regular Board Meeting, West Ada School District’s (WASD) Board of Trustees voted to include a Plant Facilities Levy (PFL) on Idaho’s May 2023 ballot. The PFL’s term is ten years, it will collect $50M annually, and 55% voter approval is required to pass. 

At the February 13, 2023 Regular Board Meeting, WASD Chief Operations Officer Jonathan Gillen and Director of Education Services David Reinhart presented the board with information about PFLs and bonds. The presentation detailed facility needs throughout the district and outlined methods used to collect data. Additionally, Gillen explained that a school district must have a proven record of fiscal responsibility to qualify to run a PFL. 

“I’ve toured schools throughout the district and have seen that some of our buildings need renovations or upgrades firsthand,” said Lori Frasure, Chair of the WASD Board of Trustees. “I’m grateful for the district's diligence in addressing these needs. Even more so, I’m excited that we’re doing our best to support our kids and put them in the best learning environments possible,” continued Frasure. 

While each WASD school will benefit from the PFL, the largest projects include a new elementary school in the south region, a new elementary school in the north region, and a new CTE center to accommodate rapid growth in the area. Centennial High School, Lake Hazel Middle School, and Lowell Scott Middle School will receive considerable remodeling. Elementary school playgrounds throughout the district will be upgraded for increased safety and accessibility.  The PFL also provides the district the opportunity to continually reevaluate and address facility needs as growth in the community is monitored. 

“The Plant Facilities Levy is another opportunity for our community to support West Ada students,” said Dr. Derek Bub, Superintendent of West Ada School District.  “If we are all in for our kids, there’s no doubt that there will be a return on investment, whether it’s in the form of high academic achievement, a stronger workforce, or graduates that stay in the community they grew up in and pay it forward.” 

Learn more about the PFL on the WASD website here. Click here to view more about the PFL.