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Communication Protocol

Stakeholder communication plays an important role in the success of a school.  Solutions are best found at the level closest to the issue or concern. 

  1. Teacher - If there is a concern or question about homework, classroom policies, events that happened in class, or anything pertaining to the teacher or classroom in general, parents must first communicate with the teacher to find a solution. A parent-teacher conference may be scheduled.​​​​​​​

  2. Campus Counselor - If there is a concern or question about behavioral, social, or emotional concerns such as study skills and organization, peer groups, health and independence, post secondary goals parents must communicate with the school counselor to find a solution. A parent, teacher, and counselor conference may be scheduled.

  3. School-level Administration - After the teacher or counselor are given the opportunity to resolve the concern or issue, and the situation has not yet improved, please contact administration.  Communication with the teacher or counselor must happen prior to administrative intervention.  A meeting with administration and the teacher or counselor may be scheduled.

  4. District Office - After campus administration has been given the opportunity to resolve the concern or issue, and the situation has not yet improved, parents may call the appropriate administrator at the District Office. Communication with the school-level administration must happen prior to district office administrative intervention.

 *If a child’s safety or school-wide safety is a concern, please contact the front office or a staff member immediately. Administration works diligently to ensure the safety of all students.

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If you require assistance at a school site or at the district level, please complete the form by selecting the button to the right. This will help us direct your question, compliment, or concern to the appropriate department.

We value your input and feedback. Thank you for connecting with us.

dr. derek bub

Dr. Derek Bub, Superintendent


Devan DeLashmutt

Chief Technology Officer

jonathan gillen

Chief Financial Officer

Jonathan Gillen

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dave roberts

Chief Human Resources Officer

Dave Roberts

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amy white

General Counsel

Amy White

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marcus myers

Chief Academic Officer

Marcus Myers

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dave reinhart

Chief Operations Officer

Dr. David Reinhart

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niki scheppers

Chief of Staff, Communications

Niki Scheppers

Media Requests and Press Releases

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dr. dustin barret

Dr. Dustin Barrett

Director, Curriculum and Instruction

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kelly davies

Kelly Davies

Director, Assessment and Achievement

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shana hawkins

Dr. Shana Hawkins

Director, Accountability & Support

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staci low

Staci Low

Director, Career & Technical Education (CTE)

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dave moser

Dave Moser

Director, Instruction - Secondary Schools (Grades 6-12)

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buffy roberts

Buffy Roberts

Director, Instruction - North Elementary Schools (Grades K-5)

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keri davidson

Keri Davidson

Lisa Hahle

Lisa Hahle

Director, Instruction - South Elementary Schools (Grades K-5)

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ramona lee

Ramona Lee

Director, Special Education (SpEd)

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Rhonda McDonough

Rhonda McDonough

Director, Federal Programs

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geoff stands

Geoff Stands

Director, Safety and Behavior

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jason warr

Jason Warr

Director, Activities & Athletics

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