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2023 Plant Facilities Levy (PFL)

On Tuesday, May 16, residents of the West Ada School District will vote on a Plant Facilities Levy (PFL). If this measure receives at least 55% voter approval, the district would be able to move forward with a number of key facility improvement projects. A complete list of school projects can be found here.

The Need: Address growth and repair and maintain existing infrastructure.

The Solution: $50 million Plant Facilities Levy (PFL) annually for 10 years.

The Results: West Ada will... Keep Improving District Schools

west ada school district plant facilities levy - all in for kids

Listen & Learn Tour

Listen & Learn meetings will engage members of the community about the Plant Facilities Levy (PFL). We hope that across all stakeholders these meetings serve as an opportunity to listen, learn and ask questions about the PFL. During these meetings, Superintendent Dr. Derek Bub will address:

  • Strengths of the District

  • Areas of improvement

  • Challenges facing the District

  • How the District can best serve families, students and or partners' educational interests

To access Dr. Bub's presentation, please click HERE.

West Ada School District envisions a learning community where every member is equipped to learn and empowered to excel.  We are committed to enhancing student success and providing an education where all students attain the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed, and the next generation of leaders are forged. 

West Ada School District is recognized locally and nationally for high graduation rates and test scores, innovative approaches to education and being the largest school district in Idaho. The district prides itself on upholding it's mission, "Preparing Today's Students for Tomorrow's Challenges" and is committed to providing an educational experience for each of the 40,000 children enrolled in our 58 schools where each learner has the opportunity to reach their unique potential.

As we work to fulfill our mission, we must evaluate our facility needs to ensure the long-term success of our schools and the students and families they serve. This means enhancing safety and addressing maintenance needs. One way the district fosters a positive and collaborative learning community is through our physical structures. Every school site and building in West Ada should be a safe and engaging environment for learning. As we aim to meet this goal, aging buildings need updates to meet today’s learning standards. 

The Treasure Valley is one of the fastest growing areas in the United States. West Ada operates public schools in Meridian, Boise, Star and Eagle encompassing almost 400 square miles of the Treasure Valley. West Ada School District has seen a steady pace in growth as well with more and more students attending and the need for more space to accommodate growth. In addition to growth throughout the valley, there is a need to maintain and renovate school sites and buildings throughout the district to provide an educationally sound learning environment for our students. To meet these needs and proactively prepare for the future, a plant facilities levy election will be on the May 16 ballot to invest in our children, education and the future of the community. 

The passing of this plant facilities levy will allow West Ada School District to build a new elementary school in the south region, a new elementary school in the north region and a new Career and Technical Education (CTE) Center in addition to renovating almost every school site in some way (playground, parking lot, paint, etc.) as listed below. Under this plant facilities levy, the district will also make dozens of needed safety, maintenance, technology and mechanical upgrades to classrooms and buildings throughout the district. The PFL also provides the district the opportunity to continually reevaluate and address facility needs as growth in the community is monitored. 

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