West Ada Election History

Plant Facilities Levy (PFL)

The plant facilities levy (PLF) allows West Ada School District to collect property tax money to maintain their facilities.

West Ada School District has utilized a plant facilities levy since 1972. The district uses this levy to improve, maintain, and repair existing buildings, including roof repairs and replacements. Revenue from the levy also include furnishing and equipping buildings, safety and security improvements and updates to mechanical systems, appliances, technology, and heating, ventilation, and sanitation facilities.

Plant facilities levies can only used on facilities within the district and must be passed by at least a 55% voter approval. Plant facilities levies are ten-year levies.

Bond Elections

West Ada School District has a great record with bonds, successfully completing all projects following the successful passage of the March 2018 bond.

The district has an excellent bond rating, which saves money for taxpayers.

The district also received the 2022-23 Meritorious Budget Award from the Association of School Business Officials International (ASBO). The district's participation in this program for the past 22 years is a testament to our commitment to sound fiscal management and budgetary policies.

Supplemental Levy

Supplemental levies help with West Ada School District operations and can provide additional staff and resources to schools. The current supplemental levy in the amount of $14,00,000 is allocated annually for two years; provides funding to the district for teacher salaries and benefits. The supplemental levy has been in place since 2012.