Email & Text Communications from West Ada


West Ada School District regularly utilizes the Blackboard Notification system to send information to parents/guardians via text, phone call, and/or e-mail.

These communications include notification regarding lockdown drills, late buses, school closures, lunch account balances, registration information, as well as other important topics.

To receive these communications, you must complete/update the Parent and Student contact information section of Schoolforms (specifically the Household tab) in PowerSchool. 

  • If you need to verify or update your contact information, check out this quick "how to" guide 

  • If you do not have a PowerSchool account, please check out the resources here for additional help.

If your contact information is correct in the Household tab in PowerSchool and you feel that you are not receiving regular communications, you may have inadvertently opted-out of Blackboard communications.

We would highly encourage every parent to opt back into receiving e-mail, phone calls and texts from West Ada.

To "Opt-Back_In" to text, phone calls, and emails please follow these directions:

Opt Back In - to Texts:

This requires 2 texts to be sent to receive normal and emergency messages.

  • From the cell phone, you wish to opt back in, send a text to the number 60680

  • The body of the text should state:  START 

  • From the cell phone, you wish to opt back in, send a text to the number 54968

  • The body of the text should state:  START

Opt Back In - to Phone Calls:

  • Call the Blackboard Call Management hotline at 855-502-7867 from the phone you want to have Opted Back In.

  • The automated prompts will guide you through the Opt Back In process.

Opt Back In - to Emails:

  • Click Here

  • Fill out the online form and we will contact you once your email has been added back in.

If you are already receiving these communications there is no need to opt back in.

Check your spam or junk mail folders to ensure that you are able to receive emails from our domain - or from