Email & Text Communications from West Ada


West Ada School District regularly utilizes the Thrillshare Notification system to send district and school-specifc information to parents/guardians via text, phone call, and/or e-mail.

These communications include notification regarding lockdown drills, late buses, school closures, lunch account balances, registration information, as well as other important topics.

Opt In

Parents/Guardians who are not receiving district or school-specific communications (emails, texts, voice calls), can also complete a request via the District Helpdesk. Prior to filling out the Helpdesk request, please ensure your contact information is accurate within PowerSchool:

Screenshot of the Household tab within PowerSchool. Text from top to bottom reads: Parent/Guardians, First person to be contacted, Legal Name, **Last Name, **First name, **Relationship to student, Physical Address, **Street,**City, **State, **Zip, *Home Phone, 208-000-0000, you may use a cell phone if you don't have a home phone., Special instructions for calling this number, Work phone, 208-000-0000, Employer, **Email Address

If the contact information within PowerSchool is accurate, please select the “Unsubscribe or Re-subscribe Request” option from the Helpdesk menu and provide the requested information.

Please note that all contact people listed under “Household Information” will receive WASD and school-specific communications unless the appropriate Opt Out HelpDesk request is completed.

Opt Out

Parents/Guardians/People who may be receiving West Ada communications (emails, texts, voice calls) in error, or would like to OPT OUT of future communications, can complete a request via the District Helpdesk.

Please select “Unsubscribe or Re-subscribe Request” from the helpdesk menu and provide the requested information.

Parents can create and validate a Helpdesk account using a personal e-mail address. For convenience, parents may also submit a request using their student’s District email address and password located in PowerSchool or by calling the Service Desk at 208-350-5300.

Check your spam or junk mail folders to ensure that you are able to receive emails from our domain -