West Ada School District strives to provide every student with a quality education in a safe learning environment, both in the classroom and online. With the end of the school year just days away, West Ada students will be able to take devices home during summer for the first time. With this new summer learning initiative, the tools used to support and monitor student online safety are highly important.

West Ada School District is implementing tools from GoGuardian to support student online safety. GoGuardian has been adopted by thousands of schools across the country and multiple districts in the Treasure Valley.

The information provided explains the transition to GoGuardian tools that will allow West Ada teachers, administrators, staff, and parents to work together to keep students safer and learning-focused while online. West Ada has chosen to implement the following GoGuardian Services on all district-issued devices.

  • GoGuardian Admin: Helps protect students against harmful and inappropriate online material by filtering internet activity and encourages better digital behavior by sending customized student messages.

  • GoGuardian Teacher: Provides teachers with tools to help manage the digital classroom, identifies students who are off-task or struggling, and monitors student progress and screens in real-time.

  • GoGuardian Parent App: Provides parents visibility into student browsing behavior. Allows parents to manage devices during non-school hours, by blocking websites and setting time limits on Internet access.

  • GoGuardian Beacon: Using the filtering capacities of the system, Beacon monitors student searches and online work and proactively sends alerts on safety issues such as suicide and self-harm. School staff are notified of these alerts during school hours and parents are e-mailed alerts during non-school hours.

West Ada Responsibilities: No filtering technology is 100% effective. The use of GoGuardian tools along with the awareness of staff and parents can improve online safety and appropriate uses of district technology. West Ada will work with students during class time to reinforce digital responsibility and safety and will review and respond to inappropriate use of technology identified by GoGuardian.

West Ada staff will receive and respond to GoGuardian Beacon alerts related to suicide and self-harm during school hours. A dedicated team of trained safety specialists from GoGuardian Beacon 24X7 will help the district review and escalate suicide active planning alerts during non-school hours, weekends, holidays and extended breaks.

Parent Responsibilities: We ask that families use their school-issued devices for educational purposes and within District policies and guidelines.

When students are off-campus, parents are responsible for supervising device/internet access and usage. We encourage you to discuss appropriate Internet usage with your child and to reinforce lessons of digital citizenship and safety (resources are available on https://www.westada.org). We also highly encourage you to report any inappropriate content, potential cyberbullying, or other sensitive issues to your student’s school leadership.

GoGuardian Beacon will automatically notify a parent or guardian outside of school hours via the email account registered in PowerSchool. It is important to know that neither West Ada School District nor GoGuardian Beacon can detect every situation where student safety may be compromised.


To ensure support for summer learning activities, the transition to GoGuardian software has begun. The GoGuardian Parent App will be available for download and use beginning Tuesday, May 31. Information and instructions can be found at https://www.westada.org.

District Service Center Administrators staff will receive and respond to Beacon alerts during traditional school hours, from 7:30am to 4:30pm, Monday through Friday, throughout the summer. Parents with GoGuardian questions and would like more detailed information are encouraged to call the District Service Center at (208) 855-4500.

Thank you for taking the time to review this information and for your ongoing support. West Ada is committed to ensuring that our students have a safe online environment to learn and grow.

Starting GoGuardian Filtering on iPads

As mentioned above, the District recently implemented GoGuardian web filtering software. If any iPads are experiencing internet connectivity issues, the application may need to be opened to start the filtering process. For District provided iPads please refer to the PDF linked here to assist in opening GoGuardian.

go guardian instructions for ipads