RapidIdentity Portal Info

RapidIdentity, also known as Web Apps, is West Ada’s web application portal that grants staff and students access to West Ada online applications using any internet-connected device. Using Web Apps, West Ada staff and students will always have access to the most current online resources.

Ways to find the RapidIdentity Portal:

Click the Web Apps icon in the lower banner of the West Ada School District homepage:

Screen shot of the West Ada website's home page, a yellow box highlights the WebApps button on the bottom right of the screen

From a district Chromebook or iPad, click the link for “West Ada Apps” on the Home screen.

  • Chromebooks:

Screenshot of a Chromebook. On the bottom center of the image, the way to access Web Apps is highlighted/circled in yellow

  • iPad:

Screenshot of how to access Rapid Identity from an iPad

Logging into RapidIdentity:

The first time you log into RapidIdentity, you must enter your district username or email address. If you are using a district device, you will not be prompted for your password.

After your first successful login, RapidIdentity will remember your username. Watch this video for a quick intro to this feature:

Once logged in, your portal screen will display all applications assigned to you.

Customizing your RapidIdentity Portal:

Staff and secondary students may customize their portal experience, but elementary students will see a simple, non-customizable portal view.

For more information about personalizing your portal, please review the videos below.

RapidIdentity Guide

Helpful Videos - Personalize your portal