Responsible Use Agreement

West Ada School District Responsible Use Agreement

Use of West Ada School District technology equipment and services is a privilege, not a right. This Agreement outlines the expectations for responsible, ethical and lawful use of District technology both on and off school premises. Violation of any of the terms and conditions in West Ada School District Policy, District Student Handbooks, this Agreement, or published Remote Learning Initiative Guidelines, may result in termination of privileges, and access to District technology resources may be revoked. Violations may result in disciplinary action up to and including suspension, expulsion and, when applicable, notification of law enforcement agencies.

As parent/guardian of a student with access to a device and/or mobile hotspot, I am responsible for:

  • Talking to my child about appropriate and responsible use of District equipment and the internet. Information about safe and responsible use of technology is available on the “West Ada One-to-One” web site.

  • Monitoring and controlling the use and hours of accessibility to District equipment in my home.

By checking out and taking school assigned equipment home, I and my parent/guardian agree to:

  • Return assigned devices and device chargers at designed check-in times.

  • Return assigned device if I transfer, withdraw, am suspended or expelled, or terminate enrollment with the District.

  • Pay fines assessed for damaged devices or for the replacement of a device that is not returned in satisfactory working condition at the costs indicated in the Device Repair and Replacement section of this agreement.

  • Follow District guidelines for the care of an assigned device, including keeping the device in good working order, charging the device, keeping the device away from extreme heat or cold, pets and moisture.

  • Not personalize the device in any way or remove any District or manufacturer labels or identifiers.

  • Report issues with assigned equipment to a teacher or school administrator.

As a student of the West Ada School District, I:

  • Pledge to use school assigned equipment for educational purposes under the direction of District staff.

  • Will strive to be a responsible digital citizen and encourage others to do so by following all West Ada School District policies, District Student Handbooks, and school/classroom rules and regulations.

  • Will review and abide by all guidelines for the use and care of a school assigned device that are posted by the school, in District Student Handbooks and on the “West Ada One-to-One” web site and that may be emailed to my District provided e-mail account.

As a responsible digital citizen, I will:

  • Keep private information private. My password(s) and identity are mine and not to be shared.

  • Treat others with respect both online and offline and have appropriate conversations in all my interactions with others. Report anyone who tries to use technology tools to hurt or harass me, or anyone else to an appropriate authority (teacher, principal, parent/guardian, etc.).

As a responsible digital citizen, I understand:

  • Any computer work may be lost, but I can mitigate that risk by saving my work in designated cloud storage locations. I am responsible for backing up my files. Files saved to the device may be removed or erased during troubleshooting, repair and/or re-imagining of the device.

  • Information I post online leaves a “digital footprint” that can have lasting effects.

  • Cyber-bullying is a violation of West Ada School District policies and I can be subject to disciplinary action if I am bullying others online, even if it’s outside of school.

  • The West Ada School District does not condone or permit the viewing or use of inappropriate material and uses content filtering software to protect students and staff to the extent possible. Content filtering tools are not completely fail-safe. School and District personnel have the authority and responsibility to monitor appropriate use of technology tools, even when used at home.

  • Using a school computer, District network, District provided accounts and services is not private, even when using a personal device at school or a school device at home. Teachers and District staff may review my work and activities when I am using any District provided technology resources.

  • Any use of West Ada School District accounts, including login histories and browsing activities, can be reviewed at any time and without prior notice.

  • Accounts may be created for me for school-related use on services, such as (but not limited to): The District’s network system, Office 365, E-Mail, and PowerSchool. A complete list of services used, along with links to privacy policies and terms can be found on the District websites. All services comply with District policy (see Policy 502.82 Student Data Privacy and Security).

As a responsible digital citizen, I will NOT:

  • Capture, record or transmit the words and/or images of any staff member or student without their express permission. Photos and video taken with the device are for educational purposes only and should be directly related to classroom assignments, projects, and areas of study. Photos and video taken with the device may not be used to slander, bully or denigrate any student, staff member, or anyone on or off the campus at any time.

  • Remove or alter originally installed applications and resources or install any applications on the device without the expressed verbal or written permission of the District Technology Department.

  • Customize screensavers and backgrounds with inappropriate language or images, including the presence of guns, weapons, pornographic materials, alcohol, drugs, or gang-related pictures.

  • Create, transmit, or communicate any material accessible via the Internet that contains items that are illegal, obscene, harassing, insulting, ostracizing, or intimidating to others.