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Any child in Idaho may attend preschool through 12th grade, provided that upon admission the parent or guardian provides proof of immunization status. Proof of immunization status may include a medical record outlining the necessary and completed immunization requirements or an Exemption Form or a Conditional Admission Form (if applicable) verifying that the child has received or is in the process of receiving (Conditional Admission) immunizations as specified by the state board of Health & Welfare. Any student enrolling, transferring or returning after withdrawing must show verifiable documentation of immunization status at entry or re-entry. Proof of immunization status is also required at 7th grade and 12th grade when additional boosters are required.  

West Ada follows Section 39-4801, Idaho Code: Idaho Department of Health and Welfare Rules, IDAPA 16, Title 02, Chapter 15 and  Idaho State Law (39-401).

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Lost or Missing Immunization Records

The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention website also provides information regarding lost or missing immunization records. For more information and recommendations regarding immunization records, visit: