• Welcome to Hunter Elementary!
    We are a team of students, teachers, and staff working to create a positive and effective learning environment for our students. Our continued goal is to build a community between students, teachers, and parents. Because of our focus on helping each student, we continue to succeed. We strive to build a collaborative culture including different ways of delivering academic intervention to those students who may need it. We encourage parents to volunteer and appreciate the work they do to better our school and community.

    Our Mission:

    Hunter Elementary is a community working toward a common goal while promoting respect and achievement.
    • Everyone in the school community deserves to be treated with dignity and respect.
    • Students, parents, teachers, and the community are partners in the educational process working together to provide quality instruction.
    • Every child can learn and experience success by striving to reach his or her full potential.
    • Our school provides a climate that is safe, inviting and promotes student success.