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Summerwind STEM Academy

  • Our school was built in 1976-1977. The doors were opened in January 1977 as Eastside Primary School, and we are the 13th school built in the West Ada School District. The 10-acre school site was purchased from Rodeo star Dean Oliver. The school location was the area of his 75-acre farm that included the barn and corrals. In 1980, Eastside Primary became Summerwind Elementary. In 2007, we became a School of Choice and were renamed Summerwind School of Math and Science. And finally, in 2013, we officially became Summerwind STEM Academy.

    Our school is unique in that we are both a neighborhood boundary elementary school and School of Choice building in the West Ada School District. Summerwind STEM Academy is located in the heart of West Boise, and we take pride in our school community. Over the years our mascot was the Summerwind Seagulls, the Summerwind Seahawks and this year, in 2022, our school community voted to become the Summerwind Super Sonics. The new mascot reflects our STEM roots and the mission of our school. Our school mission is: All students will learn at high levels through the lens of a STEM mindset.

    At Summerwind STEM Academy, our students are empowered to follow the Summerwind CODE. Our CODE encourages all students to be RESPECTFUL, RESPONSIBLE and READY. The CODE supports our students in successfully accessing their education and becoming kind and mindful citizens.

    In addition to our CODE, our students are also encouraged to use their LEARNING POWERS! Our POWERS remind us that every day we can access Perseverance, Ownership, Wonder, Engaged, Risktaker and Solver of Problems. Learning is challenging work, and we are often in the learning pit, but we have the POWERS to move forward and accomplish our learning tasks and succeed.

    We have a dedicated staff and highly qualified teachers. We are proud of our students and school community and this PRIDE shines through in everything we do! Welcome to Summerwind STEM Academy! GOOOOOOO Summerwind Super Sonics!